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  • Nov, 27 2019
    Tori T
    I've never feared for my child's safety or well being here. At their LOW price point they're the BEST of the BEST!!! As a first time mom I've already had experience with multiple daycares due to moves. The staff at SMA really care about the children, seem to find joy in their work, and seem to work with one another very well! I remember touring multiple facilities and picking them because the staff didn't look over-tired or miserable (and there weren't any funky odors like some scary places around town).

    My child has been going there for over 6 months and has spent time in both infant rooms and was just moved to the 2 year old room this month. The teachers in all of the rooms are kind and just want the kids to be safe, cared for, and as happy as babies/toddlers can be ;)

    I couldn't say enough nice things about the director, Peggie! She does a great job hiring AND KEEPING knowledgeable staff, but she also doesn't hesitate to jump on correcting any little mistakes/miscommunications. I worked in a daycare for a year while in college, and it was not ran nearly as well as SMA-Richardson. (I also don't think "College Me" would have met Peggie's standards)

    The only reason this review is missing that 5th star is for the anal mom out there that wants their child to have perfection. (By the way, this is as close to perfection as you can get at this willing to spend more money or bring your kids here!) Here are the only imperfect things I've experienced here: I've chosen to bring my son's own food from home rather than partake in their FREE daycare food option. There have been 2 different occasions where I've walked in to pick up my son and he is eating something I did not bring for him. The first time I notified Peggie and she immediately addressed it with the staff. The 2nd time it was at least vegetables, so I said nothing. The only other complaint I had was that at the very end of the day, when they combine classrooms (as all daycares do) my son would sometimes (rarely) be in a room where there was a tv on. He is not allowed any "screen time" at home, so it bugs me slightly, but he really doesn't pay the tv much attention anyway. The director, once again, has spoken with me and made multiple efforts to create a situation that works both for the facility and for my child. She's all-hearing and all-seeing in her facility, and I appreciate that.

    I was terrified to read those other scary reviews (because my child was already attending SMA when I noticed them). I ran straight to the State's website, and NOTHING about any of that is on there! They've only had ONE report in recent years (2015) and it was for a couple kids not having feeding instructions on file....not a safety thing at all. If those other parents were so concerned about their children and so concerned about other people's children - you'd think they would have at least told the State??? I suspect those stories are completely made up by competitors or perhaps extreme versions of what actually happened. And as for them not having cameras, that's something you should check on when you do your tour beforehand. I've never had a problem with that, as all of the rooms have half doors and you can come and go as you please. It would be VERY easy to "sneak up" on them to "spy" on them if you felt the need.
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